Scent Article Kits

Missing Person Scent Article Kit
Southwest Florida K-9 Search Unit has been blessed to have been
sponsored to support 200 Scent Article Kits to the public, at no cost.
These kits are to preserve the scent of an individual that can later be
presented to a tracking canine that has been proficiently trained in
Scent Specific tracking. This greatly increases the statistical averages
and odds of quickly finding a child or elderly loved one alive before any
harm comes to them in the event they have become missing. These
articles preserve the specific scent of any person and are systematically
and scientifically backed in evidence of each individual’s human
odorants and the canine’s abilities to decipher this amongst some of the
most contaminated situations you find in the moment of madness from a
missing loved one.
So far, thanks to a generous donation from a trust, we have been able
to provide these kits for free. We hope that others will see the good in
these kits, the life saving measures they provide and consider
sponsoring the production of more.
This means we are able to give these kits out for free to those with
children who have a tendency to wander off, to families who have
elderly suffering from dementia and other issues, to travelers in foreign
countries and in numerous other areas that it may become necessary
for law enforcement or search and rescue canine handlers in finding or
locating those individuals.
I believe the team and heart of Southwest Florida K-9 Search Unit has
had the dream to produce these kits for over 10 years of the 24 years
the team has been in existence. I don’t believe we knew how quickly
this would take off or the demand we have encountered, for the need of
these. From Law Enforcement agencies requesting them, families and
organizations of children’s social network activities to national news and
canine trainers around the United States and even insurance and safety
procedures for travel in foreign countries.
Southwest Florida K-9 Search Unit has studied the usage of these
articles, taught the procedure throughout the United States and uses
scientific facts, data and backing to try and produce the most effective,
preserved method of holding that human scent and also keeping our
production cost to a level we can get this valuable asset out to those
that need it most. We’ve not only made the kits user friendly for the
common household but also kept it compatible to the needs of our
canine handlers to be preserved, duplicable in the field if necessary,

portable and accessible.
Thank you to everyone that made this dream possible.
We had no idea how quickly and how necessary these kits were to so


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