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Would you know what to do if your loved one was missing? Often times small children or dependent adults wander too far away from home or away from parents and guardians in unfamiliar areas. In this case, SEARCH DOGS can be used to assist in locating your loved one.

If you think your child or dependent adult has wandered away and is lost….

What To Do

  • Calmly check with neighbors and nearby friends and relatives. They might know where the missing person is.
  • Make a quick check of places they often go.
  • If you have not found them, CALL 911. Report the incident and ask for the assistance of search dogs.
  • Be prepared to assist in the search by providing a photo and description. It would also be beneficial for search dogs to have an article such as a shoe, hairbrush or item of clothing that would ONLY have the scent of the missing person on it. DO not handle it. Secure area for handler to obtain a scent article.
  • Stay calm – think about the situation. You may think of clues that will help in the search.


  • Have your children fingerprinted.
  • Always keep a current photo of your child or dependent adult.
  • Be able to give a physical description of your child or dependent adult: age, height, weight, hair color, etc.
  • Always supervise small children when with pets. Even the most trusted family pet could have an injury or illness that might cause them to act in an unusual way.
  • Teach your children to ask for permission before approaching and petting a dog. Children and dogs can be great friends and companions but not all dogs are comfortable with the quick movements and high voices of children. Play it safe – ask first.


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